Private Telegram

Looking for a place where you can learn Forex and catch some nice pips? Join my private telegram group where I share chart analysis along with some of my signals. I think it’s very important to understand why you’re taking a signal. I don’t think anyone should blindly take signals unless you know the trader and understand their trading style. But even then you probably still shouldn’t take signals blindly. That’s why I try to provide my chart analysis along with signals so you can see and understand my vision. That way you can decide for yourself if you like the setup and want to enter the trade or not. Now there will be times when I see a move coming and will just call the signal, but I will always try to provide an explanation of why I made the call. So far the group is averaging 300-600+ pips per week. Click here for the latest signal results.

This is an atmosphere for aspiring traders and all are welcomed from novice to experienced traders. This is also a free group, it won’t cost you a dime to join and that will never change.

So how do you join? Connect with me on Facebook to request the link, or you can join by clicking the button below. Happy trading!