DTS Expert Advisor

Our DTS Expert Advisor is here! With this one we decided to keep it simple. No crazy martingale function! We wanted to create something that would allow smaller accounts.

The DTS will mainly have take profit targets ranging from 30-50 pips (depending on the pair). So what pairs will the expert advisor trade?

Right now it’s set to trade AJ, EG, EJ, EU, GC, GJ and GU.

With this EA you can expect to get in and out the market, no swing trades! The DTS is for scalping and intraday only!

What You Need To Know

Who is executing the trades?

Trades are automatically taken by the Expert Advisor (EA/Robot). I am not trading the account personally.

Does the EA manage all open trades?

The EA will automatically move SL to break even one it is in profit, this will help minimize losses. I will also personally manage all open trades when needed.

Is this another martingale EA?


Is the DTS a subscription?

Yes, it’s a subscription-based service with no commission charges.

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit recommended is $300 – $500.

What kind of trading account do I need to get started?

To get started you will need to setup or connect an active MT4 account.

What leverage do you recommend?

You can use whatever leverage you like.

Will I need a VPS?

Yes, you must have a VPS. (2GB recommended) Click here for our recommended VPS.

Can you stop the DTS at any time?

Yes, you can disconnect your account at any time.

What kind of monthly gains can I expect?

Estimated monthly gain can range anywhere from 10% to 30% or more. (Depends on account size and market conditions)

Does the DTS guarantee success?

Past performance is not indicative of future results. This means that, even if the trades have been successful in the past, it does not guarantee future success.