AUDNZD: Oversold + Daily Harmonic. Time To BUY?

Potential harmonic pattern with completion at daily support. Keep in mind that point D can also extend to the 88.6. Also have a small QP confluence at 1.0375

AN UPDATE: Pushed Up +80 Pips Before Pulling Back

Could have a potential double bottom forming.

AUDUSD: H4 Bullish Pennant. Potential BUY?

Had a nice impulsive leg out of the falling wedge, followed by some correction. Expecting a retest or previous high which is at the daily channel resistance, and has a 1.618 fib confluence.

AU UPDATE: Played Out Perfect For +100 Pips!

Broke below and retested the small QP 0.6875. May form a bearish flag and continue down.

USDCHF: H4 Break & Retest, Tweezer Tops, Bearish Flag. Sell Again?

Nice impulse leg out of the ascending channel followed by a continuation pattern (bearish flag). Tweezer Tops at the 38.2 fib.

UF UPDATE: Nice Drop For +70 Pips!

Multiple rejection at the 1.272 fib extension. Are buyers ready to step in?

GBPCAD: Retesting Daily TL + Bearish Divergence. Time To Sell?

Got a retest of the daily descending TL which is also at the top of the H4 ascending channel. Broke the previous market structure high creating some bearish divergence. We could see one more push up to the 88.6 fib which also has a large QP confluence 1.7500.

GC UPDATE: Nice Sell Before Going To The Moon, +215 Pips!

NZDUSD: SELL After The 3rd Touch?

Looking for that 3rd touch which would be right at the sell zone. It also has a small QP confluence 0.66250. We could see it retest this level.

NU UPDATE: Pushed Up To The Sell Zone As Expected

Analysis played out perfect. Price pushed up to retest the small QP 0.66250 where we started to see some selling pressure. Let’s see if sellers are ready to take over.

EURNZD: At Daily Support. Waiting For BOB (Break or Bounce)

Current price is at daily support. Would like to see one more push down to create a false break and bullish divergence. Need more bullish confirmation before going long.

EN: The BUY Eventually Played Out For +150 Pips

AUDJPY: Daily Rising Wedge. Potential SELL?

Initial bias is bearish but it’s possible price could push up for that 3rd touch at wedge resistance. Or we could see price break below wedge support. I feel like it can go either way, needs to develop some more but worth keeping an eye on.

AJ UPDATE: False Break Then Shot Up +200 Pips

Didn’t push up to where I would have liked it to. After the break, price did come back to retest the large QP 75.00. Price is at a key level. Let’s see if sellers can remain in control.

EURAUD: SELL Before The Big BUY?

Nice break below the H4 TL. Price could drop to retest the major QP 1.6000 which may present a nice long opportunity.

EA UPDATE: Dropped +57 Pips Before Pulling Back

USDJPY: SHORT Opportunity

Price is starting to break below ascending channel. Overall target is the next large QP 107.5

UJ UPDATE: Bearish Setup Invalid

Entered this too soon. Sellers failed to clear 108.431. Pair continues to be ranging.

GBPJPY: Setting Up To Go SHORT?

Would like to see price push up to the daily TL which is also in the sell zone. That would give us a 3rd touch confirmation and maybe a nice drop from there.

GJ UPDATE: Bearish Setup Invalid

UK Election sent all GBP pairs to the moon. Shot up +325 Pips. Definitely need a correction after that. Expecting a retest of the large QP 145.00 or maybe even the small QP 143.750 before the next bull run.
Updated: December 14, 2019 — 5:06 pm