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Trading Results

Still skeptical about the Harmonic Scanner and Scalping Indicator? Well I’ve decided to share my results to show you how accurate these indicators are. You can always revisit this page for my latest trades and results.


GJ London session, bullish crab on the 1H. Took profits on TP1. Decided to go short because future price prediction shows a nice H&S forming.


November 17, 2017

UJ on the 5m. Quick scalp for 30 pips.


UCAD bullish butterfly on the 15m


November 14, 2017

Took a small loss on UJ, other position closed at BE. I scalped the pullback signal (yellow empty box) which can be risky because the future price prediction can change at any time on this signal. Prime example of why you want to be patient and wait for the strong reversal signals (yellow box with black arrow).


November 13,  2017

GF NY session, bearish crab on the 30m. Crab patterns are 90% accurate. I entered this trade on 11/10 and held it over the weekend. Caught a nice lil gap for another winning trade.


November 10, 2017

CJ London New York crossover. Bullish butterfly on the 15m, TP1 hit for 20 pips.


GJ New York session 15m time frame. Had a perfect entry on this but price started to consolidate so I closed the trade with a small loss.


NY session, perfect entry on this scalp with AU on the 15m.


New York session, quick EU scalp for 10 pips on the 15m.


November 9, 2017

UCAD New York session. Scalped this pair this morning. It was a late entry but still played out nice. Entered late because the future prediction showed price going down. That’s why I love that feature!


CJ London session bearish bat on the 5m. This trade actually hit TP1 but because I’m a risk taker I always target TP2. Closed trade before it got to BE.


FSO Harmonic Scanner bullish cypher on the 15m. I was targeting TP2 but closed out be for it closed at BE.


AU New York session. After I scalped AU for the sell I turned around and scalped it for the buy.


AU New York session, another winner! Don’t worry I will share my losses too. I just haven’t had any yet.


GU London session on the 5m. Got this signal right before I was going to bed so I had to take it for a quick 18 pips.


GJ London session on the 15m. Another scalp gone wild, decided to ride this one out.


London session, scalped EN for a quick sell on the 15m. First successful scalp for today.


November 8, 2017

EJ scalp from the scalping indicator on the 15m time frame that I decided to hold longer. Closed trade early. So far 2 for 2 for today!


A successful scalp on GJ. This trade started out as a scalp but I decided to hold it longer. This signal was taken from the scalping indicator on the 15m time frame.


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