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Easy 1Up Review: What Is Easy1Up And How Does It Work?



Welcome to my EASY1UP REVIEW!

Is it really that easy to make money with Easy1Up? It’s important to know that making money online is real; however you have to work for every penny you get, that’s just the plain truth about it. You’re reading this post because you’ve probably come across the term “Easy1up” or someone might have approached you about it; this article will be an additional value to what you may have been longing to hear. In this article we’re going to be focusing on Easy1up review, plus any other information that you may need to know about the Easy1up products. Note that, there are many different online platforms that talk about Easy1up reviews; but here, you’re going to know much about it bit by bit, as explained below.

Easy 1Up Review: What is Easy1Up?

Easy1Up is an educational platform available to those who want to establish themselves in online business around the world. This platform is where you can get educated on starting your own online business; it offers extensive and detailed educational videos to take you by the hand through all aspects of making money online.

Easy 1Up Review: How does it work?

Easy1up is one of the online money making platforms that is easy to sign up and start unlocking your income potentials. To make 100% commissions, you will be required to sign up to become an Easy 1up affiliate and promote the products. It looks pretty simple right? However, it’s important to know that when you do join this money making opportunity, product packages range from $25 – $500. As you can see, a few sales per day and you can make a nice income. However, you’ll have to pass up your second sale to your sponsor and then you get paid immediately and directly from the person paying you via any payment method you choose.

Easy1up Products

There are four different product packages. The training courses are:

  • Elevation $25 – which include Network Marketing Basics course and Affiliate KickStarter video series.
  • Elevation Elite $100 – which include Free Marketing and Cash Generation video series course.
  • Vertex $250 – which include a training course on Advanced Digital Business video series.
  • Vertex Elite $500 – this include a training course on Money Counts Live Business Building.

Easy 1Up Review: Compensation Plan

Easy1up review would not be complete without talking about the compensation plan. One of the things to keep in mind is that, in the Easy1up compensation you have affiliates that pay between $25 and $500 to any member that sponsored them and then the affiliates you sponsor would also do the same. However, it’s good to understand that payments are paid through a unilevel compensation plan system with a 1 up model.

What are these unilevel plans?

In the Easy1up compensation plan, the unilevel plan structures include:

  • First level:  Personally enrolled members
  • Second level: first level’s personally enrolled members
  • Third level: second level’s personally enrolled members

This implies that you pass up your second commission to your sponsor- called a 1up model; and once you’re able to fulfill that, you can now start earning the rest of the commission from your personally enrolled members. Also, the good thing about this is that your personally enrolled members would pass up their second commission to you. One of the fascinating things about this money making opportunity is that, once you  pass up your second sale to your sponsor, you start earning everything upfront.

Want to join?

To join Easy1up it cost $25, $100, $250, or $500  to start making paving way for potential regular income. Joining at the top level qualifies you for all lower level commissions. So if you don’t want to worry about missing commissions, you should start at the Vertex Elite level.


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